GlassRatner Management & Realty Advisors is a real estate management and consulting firm primarily focused on the management, stabilization, rehabilitation and ultimate sale or liquidation of real estate assets. Generally, the company is employed in distressed or difficult situations involving real estate assets requiring more than typical management services. Our approach is to create value, as opposed to caretaker management.

The company is led by Ron Glass, who has extensive experience in real estate, turn around management and bankruptcy areas. During his tenure as the COO of Great American Management, Equity Office and other Sam Zell companies, Mr. Glass was the lead professional in the sale, liquidation and management of billions of dollars of real estate properties throughout the United States.

Our clients include lenders, servicers, other management companies and owners or owners' representatives. In many of our assignments we act in a fiduciary capacity such as a Receiver or Bankruptcy Trustee.